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Mr. Naidu and a group of his friends have adopted rural villages – Bandivandla Vooru, Pullaiaghgari Palle in Yadamari Mandal, Chittoor, AP. They have been single handedly working on the village upliftment since the past 5-7 years, with the broader vision of improving roads, literacy rate, better schools with toilets, waste management, irrigation and better water facility. In addition, they also plan to sponsor scholarships to bright students to advance life of underprivileged children.

Their next project on the roadmap is planting trees, building toilets and recycling centers. They have partnered with Asha-Jyothi to raise money.

Your donation is deeply appreciated.

Here is an in depth about their Vision and Mission.
Improve a person’s experience through education and empowerment
Temple: Learn discipline, seek advice, reach out to Guru –teachers
School: Support underprivileged children by helping provide education, leading to gainful employment
Service: Share the experience, serve people, and give back to society and birthplace, inspire others

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