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Location: Bajwa, Gujarat, India
Astitva is a place where ability defines identity. Since 2009, the Astitva Foundation has been acknowledging, educating, training, empowering, and nurturing the differently-abled, but especially those children and young adults with intellectual disabilities. The Astitva Balgopal School accepts students ages of 6-18 and older, regardless of caste, creed, sex, or religion. Students learn a standard curriculum that is tailored to their special needs, as well as life skills and job-related proficiencies that will enable them to become more independent.

Our Vision and Mission: A Special Place for the Differently-abled
We wish to answer the question troubling many parents of children over the age of 18. “What will happen to our child after we are gone?” Their wish for a safe and happy life for their child is part of the mission of Astitva. We are looking for locations and people who
will join us in providing our adults with special needs a comfortable and safe home-like facility where they can live, while receiving further education and training to help them lead productive and meaningful lives. There is a desperate need for a residential facility to serve the mentally challenged in Baroda (Gujarat, India), but especially for girls who have fewer options available. Please join our team as we strive to achieve our mission.

Community Service Opportunities
Spend time at a village in India working with the wonderful children and young adults with special needs at the Astitva Balgopal School. We offer a multi-week program for adults18 and older to serve at our school, which offers education, enrichment, and support for children with a wide range of special needs. Please do not expect a vacation. This is an opportunity for those with a heart and passion for children with special needs to serve in a way that will be immediately rewarding and potentially life-changing. You will be working one-on-one with students in a classroom environment, as they learn basic lessons and skills needed to help them live more independent and fulfilling lives. Accommodations and food will be provided for a nominal fee. The experience will allow you to make a real difference in the lives of some of India’s most vulnerable and precious children.

What Can You Do NOW?

Serve at the Astitva Balgopal School
Donate toys, books, and electronics
Sponsor a family with a special child
Organize a service or mission trip to the Astitva Balgopal School.

For more information, please contact the founder of the Astitva Foundation, Jayshree Chaudhary.

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