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Brookfield Elementary envisions a maker space in our school library featuring resources and materials that will offer students hands-on opportunities to design, experiment, create, build, and invent. Our maker space will foster collaboration, creativity and problem solving through the purchase and use of building and art materials that allow children the space to explore their ideas and bring them to life all while using engineering skills, coding, robotics, technology, and more.

Brookfield Elementary is the only Title I school in the Chantilly Pyramid and we have over 60% of our students receiving Free/Reduce Meals. We also have students who have moved into our area from all over the world. This makes for a rich, diverse, learning environment with students that have much to share. We know that for today’s students to be college and career ready, they need to develop 21st Century Skills including collaboration, creativity, and communication.  A maker space at Brookfield Elementary is a place that these skills can be cultivated.

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