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As all of  us are aware of the unprecedented flooding that is happening in Chennai due to incessant rains,thousands of people are now put up in shelters and are in immediate need of food, clothes, medicine etc. Because of the combined need for rescue as well as relief, the government is not able to handle both. Most of the relief in these shelters is being carried out by many volunteers in addition to a few NGOs.

Most of the roads are broken and not only Chennai is cut off from rest of India, but many localities are also cut off from each other. It is very hard for the central help to reach those places. Because of this we are working with a few IIM Bangalore alumnus and family groups to form micro support groups that provides relief at local shelters by employing cooks locally and distributing food and water. We are in need of monetary support. Each of these shelters host about a 1000 to 2000 people and a onetime meal costs around 40,000 to 50,000 Rupees.

Our group is aiming to provide targeted local response, to areas where the central response hasn’t reached or not effective. We find this to be more effective. Request each one of you to contribute and support .. Also please spread the word and ask your friends and families to help in whatever way they can.

Thank you..

P.S: We are partnering with below two groups to support the Flood victims.

  1. Sundar Swaminathan and Friends.
  2. EKAM Foundation ( : Please see the website for all the details on the work that is being done to support the Flood victims.


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