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Funds Collected for STL-Asha Jyothi Vizag Relief Campaign to Date:

Collected into Asha Jyothi Trust USA – USD : $18,155

Collected into Vizag Trust – INR : Rs. 10,89,300

Total Collected in INR : Rs. 20,24,145


Saint Louis Asha Jyothi : Program Details
We formed TWO STRONG teams at Vizag who have visited the most severely affected areas… Like Simhachalam, Gangavaram, jalaripeta, relliveedhi, Gantyada,Samathanagar, madhurawada, PM Palem, Araku, Paderu, arilova, vepada(Paturu) etc just to name a few.


St. Louis Vizag Hudhud Aid Work – Stage 1
As an immediate relief work to the victims , We have helped Pavithra Volunteer Group (a St. Aloysius High School Alumni Group from Vizag) who have delivered thousands of food packs/essentials to many affected families around the Araku & Paderu areas on Day 2 itself. We were able to help them with Rs. 1 Lakh out of a total Rs. 4 lakhs that they have collected and purchased all the immediate relief items to affected people around Araku & Paderu areas right away. The MOST important point of this aid is that it was DONE right the NEXT Day of the Hudhud Calamity.


St. Louis Vizag Hudhud Aid Work – Stage 2
Since our core teams at vizag have already visited the most serverly affected areas in and around Vizag (taking time off their work)… We have decided to help the most poor families/areas that they have visited earlier with : RICE packs, Dal Packs, Oil packs & Sugar Packs.
Our Team has donated hundreds of essential commodities to many affected areas in an around Viskhapatnam.

St. Louis Vizag Hudhud Aid Work – Stage 3
A lot of huts had their roofs blown away because of the 200+ kmph /hr winds during the cyclone. Since availability of palm trees is a total zero over the next 150 km radius (with all the trees uprooted), the poor people living there had very little choice. As an immediate relief our Vizag teams have donated hundreds of Tarpaulins to as many huts as possible , so those people have some immediate shelter and further more protection from rain.


St. Louis Vizag Hudhud Aid Work – Stage 4
Clothing Aid , Tree Planting Charity and Monetary aid for helpless. Our Vizag core team members have donated hundreds of clothing items to all the poor families taking time off their work for 4 days and in PERSON. They have also plated trees /saplings at a few schools besides giving some monetary help to the helpless and old people. The items include: Sarees, Lungis & Blankets besides Planting trees/saplings and a little monetary aid to helpless families.


St. Louis Vizag Hudhud Aid Work – Stage 5
A lot of Shed type houses with asbestos roofs had their roofs blown away by the cyclonic wind. Purchasing those hundreds of asbestos sheets to a few of the most damaged houses that our teams have visited – was costing around Rs. 5.5 Lakhs. Thanks to Asha Jyothi org for transferring the funds to St. Joseph Foundation and also making sure that the funds were paid directly in cheques to the vendors. Our vizag team members collected the material (asbestos sheets) from the vendors and took time off to donate them to the various poor houses that they have already identified (earlier). This was a mammoth task in itself.. with all the logistics involved in getting this heavy material moved and delivered to all those different affected areas spread all over Visakhapatnam and outskirt villages. Our special thanks to all the vizag team members for still working on this great work so meticulously.


St. Louis Vizag Hudhud Aid Work – Stage 6
Swaraj Foundations organization has initiatied a big drive of helping fix Bathrooms in around 20 girls schools(out of a total 300) that were blown away by the cyclone as their first step.They have vigorously inspected the damaged schools and also thoroughly analyzed the attendance of the girls students post hudhud. Just because, of no basic facility of toilets, girls students are unable to spend long hours in the school and they intact stopped coming to school. We hope our collective effort – though a small component of a big loss, would certainly help these students to attend to schools. As OUR help for the same we have donated Rs. 1 lakh to Swaraj Foundation, vizag. Thanks to Chandra Sekhar Akula(Swaraj Trust @ vizag) for helping drive this effort for us. They will share us the pictures and updates on this Aid effort shortly.


St. Louis Vizag Hudhud Aid Work – Stage 7 (FINAL)
We have requested our Vizag Teams to identify a few Help areas where we can contribute. Once we get the list, we will shortlist one or two of them(based on the funds available) and donate the same. We have discussed with Sekhar Puli (Asha Jyothi org) to ensure that whatever funds that are remaining from the STL Vizag Campaign be donated (by cheques) to the shortlisted needy areas the we zero in from the list that our vizag teams will identify.


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