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Gopi and Dr. Swapna Kanneganti from Fairfax have been ardent Asha Jyothi supporters over the years. Dr. Mazhar Ali is a very good friend of theirs, who is in dire need of money to finish his college education. The Kannegantis have initiated a fundraiser to help Mazhar finish his college education. Please see below in Mazhar’s own words.

In Mazhar’s own words
peris I’m Dr. Mazhar Ali from India, graduated from Sichuan University, West China School of Medicine on June 13th 2014 in China. I lost my father when I was 7 year old, my mom tried everything she could to get me through my studies and my brothers supported her financially. They wanted me to be a Doctor and yes I’m a Doctor now. But haven’t got my certificates till now from my university as I haven’t paid my tuition fee. I’m back to India and started preparing for Screening test, hoping that everything will be fine. Mean while one of my good friend suggested me to take help from someone to overcome these financial problems.

When I got the admission into Sichuan university the exchange rate was quite low which made my brothers confident that they can work hard to pay my tuition fee. But day by day value of Indian rupee was declining. During the first three years they gathered money together and paid my tuition fee, later they were not in a position to send me money. Due these issues, I started doing some part-time job and supported myself.

As I was the Captain of my university, they excused me for delaying tuition fee, I was requesting them every time and they allowed me, thank god they allowed me or else today I couldn’t have been able to graduate. Mean while I took help from my friend who is from Saudi Arabia and paid for the 4th year(who asked me to write a promissory note that I repay him with in two yeas of my graduation)

During my last days of internship and again before graduation my supervisor told me that I should pay as soon as possible or else I won’t be getting my certificates. I tried asking my brothers but they were not able to support me. Now a total of 67,000 Chinese RMB( $ 10,912.00) have to pay to my university to get my certificates. Initially I was planning to do some job and get those documents and then continue my further studies. But if I start working I can’t be able to complete my further studies. I tried searching for scholarships and loans, but in India to get a loan one should have property which I don’t have.

I request to help me financially to overcome these difficulties and I will pay back once I start working.

Following are the details of my university and the account number:

SICHUAN UNIVERSITY. Chengdu city, Sichuan Province, P. R. China
Account number: 51014008100229888888
Address: 19/F, CCB SICHUAN BLDG, no: 86 TIDU ST CHENGDU, Sichuan china. 610016.

My personal details: Syed Mazhar Galib Ali
Student Identification number: 2008-4297
My email:

Make a donation to help Mazhar finish his college education and support his family!

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