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Location: Mahbubabad, India
Mr. Lokesh Nayik is a BA (1998 batch) discontinued. He was working as a contract labor or daily coolie. He saw a kid eating food along with dogs from the thrown away plate at a function. He was saddened by the plight of that boy and then he brought the kid home. With strong support from his wife (Parvathi) he started taking care of more orphan kids.People around this area, when they found an orphan, started referring them to Lokesh.
Lokesh registered a society with the help and guidance of local officer and named it Dvyakrupa welfare society (reg. no 411/2008). At present he has 26 kids at that he is taking care of. They are of the age group 5 – 15, in which 11 of them are girls.He and his wife spent extra time and build 4 rooms (made of cement bricks made by him and his wife and cement sheets).
TMAD organisation came to know about this orphanage and with the help of some NRIs raised around 3 Lakhs in 2012 June and built a dining hall cum study room for the kids.Lokesh kept his land as collateral and took loan for buffaloes in order to cover the daily expenses for the orphanage but the income from the milk isn’t sufficient. Current project is to raise funds to buy an acre of land in which vegetables can be grown for the orphanage.This land will be registered in the name of the orphanage. Thanks in advance to all the donors.

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