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I am Prasad Rudraraju. My ancestors come from a small village called ChennaRaju Podu (CRPodu), in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh in India. This village was my favorite destination to go to during summers to visit my grandparents, uncles, aunts and my cousins. I cherish those memories.

My village is a close knit community where everyone knows one another by name and they help and support each other. Most of the villagers worked on farms. Mango, Papaya, Watermelon, Rice, Lime, Peanuts, Turmeric and Sugar Cane are some of the crops raised. Life was simple.The economic reforms introduced in India in the early 1990s changed everything. Our village farmers could not compete with mechanized farming and crops produced by advanced technologies. Our farmers abandoned farming causing hardship, loss of livelihood to both farmers and laborers who depended on farming. Many adults moved to urban areas and Middle Eastern countries in search of work. The only opportunities these uneducated migrants qualified for — were to be baby-sitters, maids, chauffeurs and construction workers.With the exodus of adults from the village, children now live with grandparents. Majority of the villagers are now, either too young or too old.

Educate to Empower campaign:
“Educate to Empower” campaign is a way to help the young generation in the village break the cycle of poverty through educational opportunities. With education, these children will become self-sufficient and productive citizens and in turn can help their families and bring the village back to life.

The village already has an elementary and a combined – middle & high – School. They do not have sufficient educational materials/teaching aids and other academic necessities to offer quality education for the students.

Principal and teachers are dedicated and motivated and volunteer their time and efforts above and beyond their responsibilities and obligations to help the students. The students are also very interested in learning and education. They can use our help.

Their current needs:

  • Girls toilets in schools to be fitted with running water for better sanitation/hygiene/privacy
  • Teaching & Learning Aids (Math Kit, Telugu to English Dictionaries, Science kit)
  • Sports Kits
  • A library
  • Tables & chairs for teachers and Labs
  • Desks for all students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades
  • Lockable cabinets/shelves
  • Ceiling fans
  • Daycare center, so the girls can continue their studies. Currently many of them dropout of school to take care of their siblings and assist grandparents.
  • Amenities for special needs children


How you can help: First, please consider donating towards this cause. Every dollar truly makes a difference. Second, please share this with your family, friends, relatives and associates to raise awareness and help this cause.

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