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Vinit’s Story:

Vinit Shinde suffered a ruptured Brain Aneurysm on 27th January 2018. He was found unresponsive in his condo on 29th January 2018 by his friends and first responders. It was his birthday and friends were unable to reach him which set off alarm bells!! Vinit had been lying unconscious in his condo for more than 2 days. Brain injury patients who do not receive immediate medical attention have less than 10% chance of survival. Vinit was admitted to the ICU at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta where doctors worked very hard to revive him and stop the bleeding in his brain.

For two months, his family and friends kept vigil by his bedside at the ICU in Grady Memorial Hospital. When he was finally stable enough to leave the ICU, his family had to repeatedly appeal the insurance company’s denials to cover his rehabilitation. Because of their efforts, Vinit was transferred to the Shepard Center for rehabilitation.

Though Vinit was making progress, he was transferred again this summer to the William Breman Jewish Home. His caregivers are kind, but they are unable to provide him with any therapy, so Vinit spends his days confined to a hospital bed, covered in bed sores, and with only a TV to keep him company. He needs rehabilitation and therapy that will enable him to eat and speak again. Vinit’s continued care is critical for him to make a meaningful recovery, but medical costs are high. Vinit requires speech/occupational/physical therapy at an outpatient facility. Please join me in supporting Vinit and his family with a contribution towards his care. In love and friendship, Bennett

From Vinit’s brother, Rajesh:

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful words, thoughts and prayers! Our family has been truly overwhelmed by your love and support. Vinit would be touched by your kindness. He is fighting hard and has a long way to go in his recovery. Please continue to keep Vinit in your thoughts.

The family would love to hear from anyone who have been in a similar situation. You can contact them directly at

Currently there is a gofundme page for Vinit ( , but was hoping  Asha-Jyothi can run the campaign where the contributions can be tax deductible and enable to raise more reaching towards the goal.

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