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Making  Laxminagar Village …….. a Model Village

In India there is a population of 120 crores out of which 80 crore people live in villages. If a village prospers it will boost India’s economic growth as well. This noble thought by Mr.Pendyala Prasad, a Software Engineer  in Hyderabad, made him  adopt Laxminagar Village, Papannapet Mandalam, Medak dt, Telangana, in 2013.
After detailed planning, Laxminagar Welfare Society (LWS) was formed, a website was developed, the activities of the village were regularly updated along with a photo gallery. The LWS took up the task of providing drinking water by establishing an RO plant with the assistance of many NGOs in India and USA – Bala Vikas, Asha Jyothi and Spandana Foundation along with other villagers. Laxminagar Welfare Society Committee is striving it’s best for a community based development, where all the villagers get involved in the development. Water committee has been taking care of the maintenance of RO Purifier Plant which provides Healthy Drinking water to all the villagers. A women’s committee: Manjeera Milk Society was also formed with 10 members to collect and sell milk in the village. The committee has tied up with Vijaya Dairy to which they supply 500 liters of milk every day. With these two activities, the LWS is able to generate some revenue to the Grama Panchayati.
            With the revenues generated from the above 2 committees, we have formed a “Haritha Haram Committee”, which takes care of Tree Plantation in turning this village into a Green Village. The sale of liquor was banned in the village .The village has also been paying taxes regularly. More importantly, the villagers have banned throwing plastic bags on the road. Some farmers started Organic Farming also, after attending the recent workshop on Organic Farming.
In addition Check Dams, Sewage Treatment Plants Solid Waste Management yards, Sports and Community Centre, are in the agenda for turning this village into a model village in future.

Till date about 17 projects are in various stages …

    1) Drinking Water Treatment Plant: Running Successfully.
    2) Women’s Milk Society: Running Successfully.
    3) Ban on Liquor Selling: Implemented Successfully.
   4) Web Site Maintenance: Maintaining Successfully.
   5) Solid Waste Management Yard: Initiated
    Bought a DRY and WET waste separable Auto from Mahindra which costs 4.5 lakhs,with the help of Asha Jyothi Foundation USA and Spanadan FOundation USA.  We have procured half acre land from the Govt side adj to Forest and outskirts of Laxminagar village for the waste managemnet yard to dump dry waste and to turn wet waste to vermi compost..
   6) Liquid Waste Management (Soak Pits ): Initiated
    25% Houses have Soak Pits as of now. Need to Progress Further.
   7) Cement Roads: 80% completed. Need to complete the rest.
    Individual Sanitary Latrine (ISL): 100% completed. Need to work on for Outsiders like Drivers,Outside Daily wagers etc.
    8 )Community Hall: Got half acre land to Gram Panchayati. After a sincere follow up, we got 5 Lakhs for Mahila Mandali Bhavanam from MLA
    Funds and 2 Lakhs for Veterinary Hospital from Govt side. Vast scope of improvement is there in this area.
     9)Plastic Ban: Need further progress.
   10) Farmers Club Formation: Sanctioned from NABARAD. Need to progress further.
    11 )Bore well Recharge units in Fields: Initiated
    12 )Working closely with government to get check dams in and around the village for a permanent fix for this problem. Need to progress further.
    13 )Haritha Haram: Progressing successfully. Bought an E-Auto for watering plants also.
    14 )Temple Renovation: Completed Successfully
    15 )Solar Street Lights: Initiated
    Partially Done. Need to progress further
   16 ) Grave Yard Construction: Initiated
    Work in Progress
   17 ) Organic Farming: Workshop has been done. Need to encourage farmers with more farming on Oraganic side by building confidence in them by establishing a proper marketing supply chain network.

Strong Leaders are required to build a strong Nation. Let us turn INDIA into a DEVELOPED Country from DEVELOPING Country

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