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Please say Happy Birthday to Rishi Ram Danda and support education for children of “NICE” (Needy Illiterate Children Education).
The objective of NICE is to liberate and educate children subjected to child labor, bonded labor in technical and vocational training so as to enable the child to start working as an apprentice soon after he reaches 18 yrs of age.
As a part of this effort NICE established a FULLY FREE residential school and CBSE affiliated to these children. The aim of NICE is to provide Food, Shelter, Health and Career path for these children. NICE is the only CBSE school, working as Non Profit and Charitable Organization running in a rural place. There are presently 140 boys and 60 girls residing and studying in NICE.
We are so thankful for our little bundle of joy and much more in life. Let’s give a reason to smile for the less fortunate ones by donating generously to this cause. NICE is all about providing shelter and welfare for kids in need and we feel this truly can make a difference in their life.
Don’t forget to bring a ton of blessings for our son Rishi to the party but let’s spare any gifts to someone who truly deserves it.

– Naveen & Vijetha

For More information about NICE Check out the below link:

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