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My name is Radhika (Rads) and I am a resident of Northern VA, a suburb of Washington DC this is my campaign for a fundraiser, Sari For Education.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a movement on social media called the #100SareePact. I think this is a fabulous awareness on the grandeur and elegance of the Saree and to encourage a lot more youngsters to wear and be aware of the various weaves, along with a story that each carries. I am part of it, coz I love my saris!

So, one fine afternoon, a bolt of lightning struck, “Hey, why not make this work for the greater good!” and that’s how #SariForEducation was born.
I believe in education. That it can open doors, feed hunger, make us better human beings, bring innovation and make the world a much nicer place to live in. I also believe 2015 is a year when there will be a definite movement to focus on uplifting the girl child. With this is mind, we came up with this. Read on and you’ll appreciate the simplicity and the potential of this drive.

So, here’s the deal.

  • I wear a sari when I can.
  • Every time I wear a sari, I pledge and put aside a buck (one US Dollar) into a jar.
  • So I continue to put aside a buck every single time I wear a sari from now, April 2015 through December 30th 2015.
  • December 30th, I count the money in my jar.
  • I donate the money to either of the two organizations (or split the money between) listed on the campaign.
  • I help further the cause of education and or towards the health and care of saving and making an under privileged girl child strong.
  • I am having fun being the model and loving dressing up. At the very same time, am helping others in need without feeling the pinch.
  • I dance a happy dance into the holidays this year, secure in the knowledge that I have made a difference.
Please read the faq on here.
Like it? Join the drive and the campaign?

Organizations we are sponsoring:

  1. Aarti For Girls – Kadapah, AP, India
  2. Akshara Foundation – Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Mid-November, you will get a reminder to make your donation towards the organization you prefer.
Radhika (rads)

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