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Kiran Chukkapalli, 29 is the founder and CEO of Think Peace, an organization promoting collective action towards an equitable society and a charitable Trust registered under the Indian Trust Act. As a founding member of Think Peace, Kiran is currently leading a distinguished team of proficient individuals for the fulfillment of the Trust’s objectives. Under his able leadership, Think Peace has started several programs for the development and uplifting of the Tribal Population in India. The organization works relentlessly to create an enabling environment that strengthens the tribal community and allows them to participate and benefit from social and economic life. Kiran’s outstanding commitment to the welfare of the tribal community is apparent in his quality of work and the trust of the community, who popularly address him as the ‘prince of the poor’ and scripted folk songs on his contributions towards them.

By 2013, Think Peace was established and the number of adopted villages rose to 55. Today, Think Peace is working in about 200 villages causing positive interventions in the field of electrification through clean energy resources, early-education, health, hygiene and legal literacy. Some of the key achievements of Think Peace are outlined below:

  1. Distribution of home-based solar lighting systems in 53 non-electrified Tribal villages in Araku Valley, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Distribution of portable hand held solar lights to women and children in 204 tribal villages in Araku valley, Chintapalli and Paderu in Andhra Pradesh and 3 slums in Visakhapatnam.
  3. Successfully running 6 preschools for tribal children in Araku Valley to provide a literacy focused environment to children from their formative ages.
  4. Conducted Training for the villagers in Solar light maintenance and repair thereby contributing to self-sufficiency and supplementary income
  5. Conducted Teacher Training for villagers, who were subsequently employed by the preschools.
  6. Undertook civil work in the villages to avoid stagnant water and mud-pits.
  7. Initiated renovation of cattle sheds to include good drainage systems, grading slope, increased ventilation, dry environment, provision for storage of cattle urine which Is subsequently utilized in Agriculture as a bio-fertilizer, repellent and pesticide.

Kiran is a post graduate in Public Relations. He has been a distinguished invitee and speaker in various colleges, institutions and several national and international forums including Telugu Associations from North America. He is a recipient of the prestigious Social Entrepreneur Award, for the year 2016 from Christ University, Bangalore.

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