Build 4 Borewells near Lucknow

The campaign, Makishka’s walk for water, was implemented in 2019 -2020, building ten borewells to provide clean water to the community in a few villages in Lucknow. See the link to the campaign –

Five borewells in Dundpur village, four borewells in Lahuriwan village, and one borewell in Baldevpur village were built at a total cost of Rs 2.5 Lakhs aimed to serve around 1000 people in surrounding villages and more.

The bore wells were handed over to the local administration (Gram Panchayat) for proper upkeep including the repairing and maintenance. They have been operating in good condition ever since the installation.

Seeing the benefit of having access to borewell closeby, the villagers have requested to build additional 4 bore wells at the villages –  Kunwarpur and Nayagaon close to Dundpur near Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. The proposal is expected to benefit 400 persons and more. The expected cost of the campaign is around $3500 including labor, building material and pavements.