Why is Asha-Jyothi(AJ), a non-profit organization donating $100K+ to Chantilly High School(CHS) to build a Makerspace/Innovation Lab? Where is the money coming from?

Is the money for the Chantilly High School Innovation Lab coming from AJ’s general funds?

What are the specific details of the original partnership with Chantilly High School?

Why is AJ organization giving Chantilly High School in one of the richest parts of the United States $100,000+ to build a Lab?. There is a computer for every student, plus state-of-the-art hardware and software already. This does not fit the image of the underprivileged children on your website, nor the emphasis on serving tribal schools and families. Why should someone donate a considerable sum to a wealthy US high school? How does this gift benefit those very needy children and schools in your mother country?

What are the specifics of the discount that AJ is offering to the Region 5 schools and why? How is it possible? How is that funded? Are these contributions tax exempt?

What is Asha-Jyothi’s long term plan and vision with respect to Public School partnership? What does AJ aim to achieve with such a partnership?

Which corporate companies match donations made to Asha-Jyothi?

Can I use the donation receipt I receive from AJ for a tax credit?

What kind of events or awareness building events does AJ support and encourages partners to organize?

How can individuals or organizations partner with AJ in organizing an event?

How can you provide your feedback on a particular program or campaign conducted by AJ?

How do you proceed and what do you need to do if you have a donation campaign or program which you want to sponsor and conduct under AJ? How does AJ support such programs?

How can you subscribe to AJ newsletter?

What are the basic expectations from a volunteer?

How can you provide my volunteer services to AJ?

Does AJ support only underprivileged in India? Which part of India does AJ support?

What are the different kinds of payment methods AJ accepts?

How do I register to AJ site to be a donor/volunteer etc? Volunteer