An AJ volunteer is any individual who is interested in furthering its mission by donating their time. Volunteers can organize a charitable event or help AJ in its fundraising and awareness building activities.

AJ is always looking for volunteer help in executing a charitable event. A volunteer can pick an event or a campaign of their choice based on their time commitment. Some examples include – updating AJ website with text content, helping with collecting student information, coordinating logistics for a medical camp, or stuffing and mailing yearly receipts to donors.

The need for fundraising and awareness building activities is based on the activities that AJ is undertaking at the time. Examples of such help include event registration activities, manning water stations and food stalls during 5K run, or coordinating entertainment activities. AJ strongly encourages participation of kids to inculcate a spirit of volunteering and giving back to the society at an early age.

Please fill out the form at: Volunteer form to narrow down your area of interests

Here are a few examples of Ways to Volunteer