The name of this organization shall be “Asha-Jyothi”, in this document we will refer to it by its acronym “AJ”

1. Objectives:

AJ is a charitable organization which is a non-political, non-profit, secular organization. It is formed and run exclusively for charitable purposes. The main objectives of AJ are to serve the needs of underprivileged by providing access to Education and Health Care. AJ’s mission and goals are achieved through assisting, implementing, and supporting charitable projects focusing mainly on education and health care. These charitable projects will be selected for funding based on the following criteria:

  • The project under consideration should conform to the charter of this organization outlined above.
  • The project under consideration concerns, involves and benefits people in the economically under-privileged sections.
  • All officers of AJ will be Volunteers and shall not and will not accept any monetary or other remuneration.
  • AJ will partner with different non-profits in situations where the need is large to meet by AJ and if it better serves the cause and such partnerships will be approved by the Board of Directors of AJ.
  • All changes to the charter of AJ will take into consideration the non-profit status of AJ and such charter will be submitted to the IRS in the United States for approval as AJ is based in the US.

2. Operations:

AJ will function by

  • Collecting monetary contributions from the members, organizations and the general public. AJ will also organize fundraisers to bring in contributions and awareness in the community.
  • Seeking grants from organizations and foundations.
  • Increasing awareness in the community of AJ’s activities through newsletters, social media, publicity and participation in events as deemed necessary.
  • Encouraging people to volunteer and take up ownership of projects.
  • Selecting projects consistent with the objectives of AJ for funding.
  • Sending financial contributions to the chosen projects after due diligence is done to make sure the benefit reaches the intended party.
  • Evaluating periodically projects being supported by AJ.
  • Keeping members informed about the status of the projects being funded.
  • Maintaining transparent financial records and list of beneficiaries.

AJ will have 4 board of directors who will have the responsibility and authority to fund projects which conform to the charter of AJ. The current Board of Directors are Sekhar Puli, Hemanth Ganta, Seshu Thota and Vamsi Paladugu.

3. Educational Assistance

  • AJ will provide educational support to the underprivileged.
  • AJ will provide financial assistance to students who are approved by the board of directors of AJ, such students who are identified as economically backward and meritorious and in need of assistance in pursuing their educational goals.
  • AJ will provide such educational assistance by funding the student’s fees and or boarding as deemed necessary and such funds would be paid to the educational institution being attended to by the said student.

4. Medical Assistance

  • AJ will provide medical support to people in medical distress; such assistance will be approved by the board of directors of AJ.
  • AJ will provide such assistance provided the medical situation is deemed critical or chronic and the patient is economically unable to meet the costs involved.
  • AJ will set up a medical repository for patients who agree to have their medical records stored for quick transmittal to doctors residing far away for second opinions or expert advise in adverse medical situations.
  • AJ will assist families in case of death and the body needs to be transported back or in situations where family members have to travel to move the body of their near and dear.
  • AJ will assist in setting up of medical camps to provide free medical assistance as deemed necessary and approved by the board of directors of AJ.