Educate a child

AJ donors can educate a child by directing their donations to the education campaign in three ways.

  1. Support the general program: The donations will be used to fund the education campaign. Donors can monitor the progress with help of AJ Team.
  2. Support a specific student in the program: The donations will be used to fund the education of specific students that donor chooses. AJ will communicate progress to the donor via email

3. Educate via Your Campaign: AJ donors can also support students in the schools outside AJ education campaign. AJ will work with the donor to find a school volunteer to provide student information to AJ. If successful, this information will be made available to the donor via email but AJ does not guarantee providing this information. Donors may consider running their own campaign, which can also be facilitated through Asha-Jyothi Your Campaign, if they plan to educate students at a school in a large scale (more than ten students).