Youth Leadership Program

Announcing “AJ Youth Leadership” program to encourage teenagers to get involved and give back at an early age. Asha-Jyothi Team will guide the youth volunteers to provide a platform to collaborate, share creative ideas so these kids can help raise funds to solve basic issues underprivileged face to obtain basic education and healthcare. One such […]


Educate-Innovate USA Campaign

Announcing the Educate-Innovate Initiative, a “Your Campaign” funded by multi-million dollar private donation that aims to build Innovation Labs, Maker Space facilities and Technology Enhancements in partnership with local public schools in USA. AJ plans to sponsor an Innovation lab for one High School each year. In addition, Maker Spaces in 3 Elementary Schools and […]


Innovation Lab at Chantilly High School

CHANTILLY, VA., Feb. 22, 2019 –  Innovation Lab at Chantilly High School (CHS) is now open, offering all students access to a dedicated space with hands-on opportunities to design, experiment, build and invent while fostering creative thinking and collaboration. The Innovation Lab was made possible through the donation of $106,000 by non-profit Asha-Jyothi (AJ) through […]


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