Scholarship for Economically Challenged students in India

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

There are many bright young students in India who are capable of achieving success and have the motivation to do so. However due to economic circumstances, they are not able to pursue a higher education. With access to this higher education, we believe they will be able to do great things.

Our goal is to raise money in order help provide resources for undergraduate students in India. Students will complete the application forms (Scholarship Application Form) to start the process. With the money we raise, we will be funding the students’ tuition as well as the books and course materials they require. As part of this campaign, we will also provide the opportunity for families to financially support a child throughout his/her education. This sponsorship commitment will equip the student to have steady financial support so that they can thrive in their educational setting and have a better future. We ask for your support and donations to help these disenfranchised students.

How will we use the donations:

  1. Identify students from financially challenged backgrounds with keen interest to pursue higher education
  2. Meet with the family of the student, check the income of the family, verify the background details provided in the application. We will also meet and interact with the school principal to verify the academic details of the student
  3. The fees provided will be paid to the college directly
  4. This financial support will be targeted at students who have passed class 12 or above for Diplomas, Graduate or Post Graduate programs

Please send your completed applications to; with subject line contains ‘AJ Scholarship-Your name-Degree that you are aspiring’.

Scholarship Application Form:

Scholarship Final Disbursement Form: