Provide Hand Water Borewell for Moddupuram Village

120 families living near Moddupuram village (Near Ichhapuram) don’t have proper facilities (mainly drinking water). Now they are drinking well water. People are struggling for water in summer season and they have to walk approx 1 km to get water on a daily basis. Village people are not getting any support from govt. They requested local leaders multiple times, but didn’t get positive response. Finally they approached local social services teams and requested drinking borewell. This place is located in Srikakulam District, 140KM’s away from Srikakulam town. The cost for Borewell is 60k. The families residing in Moddupuram and Ichapuram of Srikakulam district are facing immense hardship for access to clean drinking  water.

Following is the break down of the costs for the bore-well: Testing – Soil testing – To make sure the place we build the bore doesn’t have salt water. – 4,500 INR 120 Feet – casing – It costs 30k  INR for 120 feet and beyond 120 feet the price will increase Set – Hand pump-set – Good quality – 24k INR Fitting – Fitting the pump-set – 1500 INR Rent – Transporting the set, pipes – 1000 INR Name Plate – 2800 INR Platform for pump-set, Wall for Name Plate – 3000 INR