Empower Girls: Tackling Period Poverty

Having access to menstrual products is something that many females struggle with around the world; even though it is a necessity, and not a luxury. Lack of access to menstrual products as well as hygiene facilities is known as Period Poverty. According to Days for Girls, approximately 25% of the world population that menstruates, which is more than 500 million, face Period Poverty.

There are many organizations and campaigns surrounding the purpose of increasing access to menstrual products for females in need in the United States. Asha-Jyothi Youth Volunteers; Sriya and Sanjana, however, are trying to do their part in increasing access to menstrual products for females in India. Partnering with Asha-Jyothi and the students of Sai Arts Studios, Sriya and Sanjana have a minimum goal of raising $4000 for this cause. 

The students of Sai Arts Studios will be painting pieces of art that correlate with their memories of India and its culture. An event will be held, where people will be able to learn about their part in tackling period poverty in India and purchase the paintings on display as a way of contributing to the campaign. All proceeds, including donations and painting purchases, will go to providing menstrual products to high school girls in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Sriya and Sanjana have chosen to start with 2 high schools, but will be collaborating with Asha-Jyothi to donate to many other schools and organizations. The schools are in the villages of Aratlakatta and Kaleru, which are villages near Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. The $4000 will be used to give the high school girls menstrual products such as pads, taking a financial burden off their shoulders, while still receiving the necessities of basic hygiene. 

Sriya and Sanjana are part of various clubs that support and help females in need of menstrual products. However, taking their cause to India serves them a deeper meaning as that is where their families, culture, and heritage come from. They would love your support to take their cause to this deeper level.