The proceeds from 5k run registrations associated with the schools are assigned to the schools. They can use the funds for supporting programs at respective schools or choose to support a cause/campaign of AJ. The schools can optionally send a proposal requesting innovation lab/maker space or other need by Oct 15. The funds for those grants are privately sponsored, not from AJ general fund or run proceeds. Schools can optionally send a proposal requesting an Innovation Lab/Maker Space OR some other unmet need for your school by Oct 15th. Here are a few guidelines for the proposal.

See below information on how the Bonus/additional funds have been calculated.

School NameCountySum of Registrant AmountCount of School Registrations BonusTotal
Briar Woods High SchoolLoudoun$183.009 $183.00
Brookfield ESFairfax$35.002 $35.00
Centreville High SchoolFairfax$175.008 $175.00
Chantilly High SchoolFairfax$2,897.00151$2,000.00$4,897.00
Daniels Run ESFairfax$120.008 $120.00
Fairfax High SchoolFairfax$366.0017 $366.00
Fairfax Villa ESFairfax$20.001 $20.00
Floris ESFairfax$55.002 $55.00
Franklin Middle SchoolFairfax$180.0010 $180.00
Frost Middle SchoolFairfax$23.001 $23.00
Greenbriar East ESFairfax$115.007 $115.00
Greenbriar West ESFairfax$613.0036$500.00$1,113.00
John Champe  High SchoolLoudoun$228.0010 $228.00
Katherine Johnson Middle SchoolFairfax$230.0011 $230.00
Lees Corner ESFairfax$93.005 $93.00
Liberty Elementary SchoolLoudoun$267.0012 $267.00
Liberty Middle SchoolFairfax$794.0042$500.00$1,294.00
Little Run Elementary SchoolFairfax$235.0012 $235.00
McNair ESFairfax$100.005 $100.00
Mercer Middle SchoolLoudoun$145.007 $145.00
Oak Hill ESFairfax$33.001 $33.00
Poplar Tree ESFairfax$40.002 $40.00
Rachel Carson Middle SchoolFairfax$281.0016 $281.00
Rocky Run Middle SchoolFairfax$1,510.0083$1,000.00$2,510.00
Stone Middle SchoolFairfax$163.006 $163.00
Waxpool ESLoudoun$170.0010 $170.00
Westfields High SchoolFairfax$30.001 $30.00
Willow Springs ESFairfax$75.004 $75.00
Woodson High SchoolFairfax$48.002 $48.00
Grand Total $9,224.00481$4,000.00$13,224.00