The proceeds from 5k run registrations associated with the local public schools in FCPS (Fairfax County Public Schools) were donated back to the schools so that the funds can be put to use towards STEM/STEAM programs at respective schools. Alternatively the public schools can also choose to support a cause/campaign that Asha-Jyothi is executing.

The schools can optionally send a proposal requesting innovation lab/maker space or other need by Oct 15. The funds for those grants are privately sponsored, not from AJ general fund or run proceeds. Schools can optionally send a proposal requesting an Innovation Lab/Maker Space OR some other unmet need for your school by Oct 15th. Here are a few guidelines for the proposal.

See below information on how the Bonus/additional funds have been calculated.

School NameCountySum of Registrant AmountCount of School Registrations BonusTotal
Briar Woods High SchoolLoudon$183.009 $183.00
Brookfield ESFairfax$35.002 $35.00
Centreville High SchoolFairfax$175.008 $175.00
Chantilly High SchoolFairfax$2,897.00151$2,000.00$4,897.00
Daniels Run ESFairfax$120.008 $120.00
Fairfax High SchoolFairfax$366.0017 $366.00
Fairfax Villa ESFairfax$20.001 $20.00
Floris ESFairfax$55.002 $55.00
Franklin Middle SchoolFairfax$180.0010 $180.00
Frost Middle SchoolFairfax$23.001 $23.00
Greenbriar East ESFairfax$115.007 $115.00
Greenbriar West ESFairfax$613.0036$500.00$1,113.00
John Champe  High SchoolLoudon$228.0010 $228.00
Katherine Johnson Middle SchoolFairfax$230.0011 $230.00
Lees Corner ESFairfax$93.005 $93.00
Liberty Elementary SchoolLoudon$267.0012 $267.00
Liberty Middle SchoolFairfax$794.0042$500.00$1,294.00
Little Run Elementary SchoolFairfax$235.0012 $235.00
McNair ESFairfax$100.005 $100.00
Mercer Middle SchoolLoudon$145.007 $145.00
Oak Hill ESFairfax$33.001 $33.00
Poplar Tree ESFairfax$40.002 $40.00
Rachel Carson Middle SchoolFairfax$281.0016 $281.00
Rocky Run Middle SchoolFairfax$1,510.0083$1,000.00$2,510.00
Stone Middle SchoolFairfax$163.006 $163.00
Waxpool ESLoudon$170.0010 $170.00
Westfields High SchoolFairfax$30.001 $30.00
Willow Springs ESFairfax$75.004 $75.00
Woodson High SchoolFairfax$48.002 $48.00
Grand Total $9,224.00481$4,000.00$13,224.00