Samaya Talluru and Ashika Ganta, high school students in Virginia, completed their first phase of distribution of materials to Sunflower Educational and Charitable Society in Vizag, with the support of Asha-Jyothi. Sunflower Educational and Charitable Society is a combined orphanage and school of 150 children for mentally challenged, physically challenged, hearing impaired, down syndrome, autism, ADHD, and learning disability children. Due to lack of funds and support they were unable to procure proper materials and learning tools for their students.

Samaya Talluru and Ashika Ganta, identified this need and coordinated with volunteers in Vizag, to provide equipment for 150 children. Together, with Asha-Jyothi, they raised the funds to support the school’s educational needs.

On April 1st, the Sunflower Educational and Charitable Society successfully distributed the materials. The children enjoyed having new games and items they could use. The teachers were especially happy to have more materials to help teach the students.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity,” Ashika Ganta said. “Thank you to the Vizag Volunteers for making this happen.” When asked about the campaign, Samaya Talluru responded that she, “loved the whole experience and process of giving out to the community.”

The equipment they have received is:
2 Wheelchairs
15 Chairs with writing plank
Maintenance costs for bathrooms
3 single cot beds
Teaching aids (puzzles, numbers, animals, fruits, vegetables, vehicles. Peg boards)
2 sets of sensory therapy material
3 sets of Colors floor mats