In New Jersey, approximately 110,000 families with children are below the poverty line, unable to give their children necessary support . However, a group of youth volunteers, Anishka Kolli, Ronith Kaithi, Rishika Vulta, Lalith Kandakurti, Aarnav Vulta, Mohith Kaithi, Anjali Datla, Aditri Mylavarapu, Kavin Padma,Anish Padma and Samika Kolli, are helping these families in need. Over the past month, the volunteers raised funds for the Home Front Mother’s Day Diaper Drive. Asha-Jyothi has been participating in this drive for the last four years and in 2023 , Asha Jyothi  was able to donate over 40,000 diapers. However, this year they strived to accomplish even more, with a goal of over 50,000 diapers. To raise these funds, fliers were sent across Montgomery and the volunteers reached out to many communities, including Country Club Estates. Thanks to the communitys’ support, the volunteers  were able to raise enough money to donate a grand total of over 53,000 diapers, far surpassing their original target. These diapers were  brought to Home Front, a non-profit organization that aims to aid families in need and has helped 25,000 households become self-sufficient over the past 30 years. Thanks to the efforts of these youth volunteers, the people who donated, and Asha-Jyothi chapter leads Chandana Datla, and Kailash Kandakurthi, Asha-Jyothi was able  to help thousands of families in time for Mother’s Day and hopefully take a lot of weight off of their shoulders so they can break the cycle of poverty. The Asha-Jyothi community is overjoyed to help the community and wish to get more people involved and  donate even more diapers next year.