Breast Cancer Care Packages Donation

Asha Jyothi PA team partnered up with the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition to create care packages for women with breast cancer. As it is a time of immense struggle, Asha Jyothi found the Friends Like Me campaign a commendable project. These care packages are provided to women who have been diagnosed with the disease in the past six months and offer women with support at the time when they need it the most.
These care packages include medical supplies, cosmetic products, and fun activities, which can hopefully make these women’s hospital stays better. Asha Jyothi needs to collect:

• Decaffeinated Tea Bags

• Sleep Masks

• Ear Plugs

• TisSue Packs (travel size)

• Nail Polish

• Color Pencils

• Adult Coloring Books

• CrossWord Puzzle books

• Hand Lotion (travel size)

• Biotene Mouthwash (travel size)

• Biotene Moisturizing Dry Mouth Spray

• Scarves

• Cooling towels

• Sanitizing Hand Wipes (travel size)

• Queasy Pops/ Drops

• Motion Sickness Wrist Bands

• Playing Cards/Travel Size Games

This campaign requires us to raise at least $1,500 in monetary donations or enough items to fill 10-15 care packages. You don’t want to collect the items yourself? No Problem! You can donate money to the website or talk to one of the supervisors on how you can contribute. The team leaders of this campaign hope that Asha Jyothi comes together collectively and together to help to make a difference in the lives of these women.