Uplift Africa

Uplift Africa is a campaign in Uganda to support individuals individually and in group levels with problems such as shelter, clothing, education, health care, supporting young mothers and more.

Old Aged People – Most of the old aged people are unable to provide for themselves and have no one who takes care of them therefore cannot obtain proper shelter, clothing, and health care.

Education – Parents are unable to educate their children, especially girls, because they aren’t able to play school fees. This often results in youths turning to stealing, crime, and prostitution to survive.

Health Care – People of all ages are dying because they aren’t able to afford going to the hospital and getting medicine. By helping provide medicine Asha-Jyothi can save lives.

Young Mothers – In Uganda there is a lot of teen age pregnancy and the men leave these girls after their pregnancy while parents also don’t allow the girls to stay in their homes. This makes it very difficult for these young mothers to take care of their children.

Recently Asha-Jyothi completed a project, raising money for a group of women in village Pambaya to cultivate their land and provide for their children. This project was a great success and the women were very happy to be able to cultivate their land.

By raising money, Asha-Jyothi can help to provide for these people and improve their lives. Please donate.