Library Project for Thiruppangali Govt HS

Nila and Mika,10th grade students at Chantilly High School, are very passionate about volunteering and giving back.

Nila over her summer trip to India, visited a very impoverished government school in a village called Thiruppangali, near Trichy, Tamil Nadu. This school was in a very bad condition, didn’t have the basic resources to support their students. The school library too wasn’t well-maintained and consisted of very few books and those available were in poor condition. Due to this, students rarely visited the library or showed interest in the books.
Nila wants to raise  $1200 for the school library.

  • $500 to purchase new books and
  • $500 to improve the library condition – bookshelves, desks, chairs, paint the walls etc
  • $200 will be availed to buying an air conditioning unit. 

Nila’s grandfather who was born, raised and now a resident of Thiruppangali, will be Asha-Jyothi’s volunteer on the ground to support any coordination needed for the school. Growing up Nila’s grandfather walked miles to go to a nearby school. Despite all odds, he was the first person to graduate with a college degree, and further received a PhD in physics from IIT. 
For questions about the campaign, feel free to reach out to