Empowering Every Step: Supporting Clubfoot-Free Lives in India

The Servetogether Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to realizing the vision of “A Clubfoot Disability-Free India.” Their mission focuses on reaching out to underserved children born with clubfoot in India, ensuring they can lead deformity-free lives. This involves facilitating easy access to affordable clubfoot treatment by partnering with public, trust, and private hospitals to raise awareness and provide necessary medical interventions.

Clubfoot, a congenital deformity characterized by the inward and downward twisting of the foot, poses significant challenges to mobility. It is estimated that around 35,000 children are born with this condition annually in India. The foundation tackles this issue by addressing training gaps and ensuring an adequate medical workforce, including paramedics and doctors. Specialized braces and casts are utilized to prevent recurrence after corrective procedures. Their primary focus is on bridging the gap between those who can offer assistance and those in dire need of it.

However, to continue their vital work, the foundation requires support. Each brace costs approximately Rs. 1,100, and there is an urgent need for braces over the next six months. Your donation can make a significant difference in transforming the lives of these children. Please consider contributing and supporting this worthy cause.