Vizianagaram Health Clinics

Asha Jyothi Health Clinics Program

Asha Jyothi is dedicated to supporting health clinics in rural areas with a commitment of Rs.3 Lakhs. These clinics are conducted every month across nine villages, addressing the crucial areas of education and healthcare. Below is the detailed structure of our health clinic program, which is currently being implemented as a pilot project.

Village Coordinators

  • Mr. K.L. Naidu coordinates the health clinics in the villages of:

    • Mandiravalsa
    • Purreyavalsa
    • Ramalingapuram
  • Mr. R. Simmayya oversees the health clinics in the villages of:

    • Rickshaw Colony
    • B.G. Palem
    • Bondapalli
  • Mr. T.A. Naidu is responsible for the health clinics in the villages of:

    • Vedullavalasa
    • Avaguem
    • Baguvalasa

Each village has one health assistant and one health volunteer, amounting to a total of 18 healthcare professionals across the nine villages.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Health coordinators accompany the medical doctors to the villages, ensuring proper arrangements are made for the health clinics. They work closely with the healthcare team to organize and manage the clinics effectively.
  2. A kit containing the necessary medicines for the health clinic is supplied to each village a day prior to the clinic. Health assistants are responsible for distributing the prescribed medicines to the patients and maintaining records of the medications dispensed.
  3. Health volunteers organize the patient queue, ensuring a smooth flow of patients into the clinic. They play a vital role in managing patient flow and maintaining order in the clinic.
  4. Health coordinators conduct random checks to ensure patients are adhering to their prescribed medication and monitor their blood pressure levels. This helps in assessing the effectiveness of the treatment and ensuring patient compliance.
  5. Health assistants visit patients’ homes once a week to ensure regular usage of prescribed medications. They also measure blood pressure and, if possible, monitor blood sugar levels. Additionally, they document the patients’ health conditions and make note of any other serious health issues, such as pregnancies, deliveries, or other medical concerns that require the attention of the doctor.

The Asha Jyothi Health Clinics Program aims to provide essential healthcare services to rural communities, promoting wellness and addressing the healthcare needs of the underserved populations.

   The remunerations of the health staff are as follows. 

  1. Coordinators                      :      3  X  Rs. 4000  X  12    =   Rs.  1,40,000/- 
  2. Data analyst                       :      1  X  Rs. 4000  X  12    =    Rs.     48,000/- 
  3. Health assistants               :      9  X  Rs. 1500  X  12    =   Rs.  1,62,000/- 
  4. Health volunteers             :     9  X   Rs.   500   X  12   =   Rs.      54,000/- 
  5. Doctor’s remuneration    :     1  X  Rs. 25,00  X  12    =   Rs.   3,00,000/- 

                                                                                             —————————–                                          Total Cost                               =   Rs.  7,04,000/- 

Asha Jyothi is committed to support partial amount of Rs. 3Lakhs ($3,700) for this project