Chaitanya Institute for the Learning Disabled Campaign

About Chaitanya Institute:

Chaitanya Institute for Learning Disabled, a charitable non profit social servicing organization that was originally founded in the year 1996, by Sanyasi Rao, a well-educated and kind-hearted individual trained from the “National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped” in Hyderabad, India. Institute contributes in selfless civic and social service towards disabled and impoverished people. Many of these services include accommodations for food and residential facilities that provide free special education aid.

The Chaitanya Institute started with fifteen disabled students of the surrounding Villages. Using help from the public and government officials, it spread to Coastal Districts such as that of Andhra Pradesh, allowing the young individuals to grow and flourish. The aim of this campaign is no different now, we aim to educate mentally retarded and hearing impaired children with the best of our abilities to allow them to live a normal and happy life similar to the rest of us. The organization is happily recognized as one of the most important, charitable non-governmental organizations by the state government and the central government for our dedication and determination to improve the lives of disabled individuals.

Chaitanya Institute accommodates 80 students at present with residential provisions for students and staff that include free food and free shelter accommodations. At present there are 24 employees and 18 dedicated teachers working day and night for the betterment of the welfare of the disabled. In order to provide for the staff and students, Chaitanya Institute needs a commitment of 3 lakhs in 2023 and 1.5 lakhs every year after that. Our goal is to collect 3 lakhs($3,614) for the year 2023.