The donation amount below to each school both in Fairfax and Loudon counties (FCPS and LCPS) is privately funded and NOT from the AJ 5K Run proceeds or the general fund. Schools can optionally send a proposal requesting an Innovation Lab/Maker Space OR some other unmet need for your school by Oct 15th. Here are a few guidelines for the proposal. The winner(s) will be announced Wednesday Nov 6th at AJ Annual Day Celebration along with the check distribution for the below amounts to the Principals (or their authorized representatives). Location is TBD. 

See below information on how the Bonus/additional funds have been calculated.

School CntyCnt Run Amount Bonus
Total Proposal
Chantilly HSFfx139$2,777.63$2,000$4,777.63
Rocky Run MSFfx 120$2,122.80$2,000$4,122.80Yes
Waxpool ESLdn66$895.49$1,000$1,895.49Yes
GreenBriar West ES Ffx 59$1,069.41$1,000$2,069.41
Rosalee Carter ESLdn52$1,025.48$1,000$2,025.48
Oakhill ESFfx 50$859.50$500$1,359.50
Eagle view ESFfx39$688.61$500.00$1,188.61
Centreville HS Ffx 25$485.79$500.00$985.79
Lanier MS Ffx23$407.77$0.00$407.77
Centreville ES Ffx 20$419.80$0.00$419.80
Lunsford MS Ldn18$414.85$0.00$414.85
Lees Corner ES Ffx 17$321.83$0.00$321.83
Brookfield ESFfx16$255.84$0.00$255.84Yes
TJ HSFfx 12$331.88$0.00$331.88
Navy ESFfx 11$191.89$0.00$191.89
Poplar Tree ES Ffx 9$208.91$0.00$208.91
Broad Run HS Ldn9$459.91$0.00$459.91
Liberty MS Ffx 8$195.92$0.00$195.92Yes
Franklin MSFfx 8$147.92$0.00$147.92
Greenbriar East ESFfx 6$95.94$0.00$95.94
Union Mill ESFfx 5$104.95$0.00$104.95
Madison HS Ffx4$107.97$0.00$107.97
Daniels Run ESFfx3$62.97$0.00$62.97
Willow Spring ES Ffx2$31.98$0.00$31.98
Stone Hill MS Ldn2$31.98$0.00$31.98
Legacy ES Ldn2$41.98$0.00$41.98
Frost MS Ffx 1$20.99$0.00$20.99
Grand Total726$13,779.99$8,500.00$22,279.99