A perfect example for AJ’s signature program ‘Your Campaign’. Big Thanks to Vinod’s family. They identified the beneficiaries in Tamilnadu. Both can’t walk and speak clearly. Vinod was ready to donate but thinking about how to do? At that time we did explain about Asha-Jyothi and it’s signature program ‘Your Campaign’ through which you can identify a beneficiary, donation/fund raise, execution and making sure with beneficiary on receiving end. That’s it. Within one week we got the quotations from a vendor, payment, delivery and Vinod confirmed with beneficiary’s family on two electric wheel chairs distribution.

Location Name: Tamilnadu, INDIA
Kids Benefited: 2
Project cost: INR 78,312.00 ($1200)
Local Volunteer from Seattle: Vinod Kumar
5K run event and campaign executed year: 2018 – 2019