Sekhar and Malini Puli were recently recognized for philanthropic work in Fairfax Sully District and were nominated and awarded Lord and Lady of Fairfax. “It was an honor and humbling experience. This recognition is testament to all the proud volunteers of Asha-Jyothi who have been working selflessly over the past 20 years helping underprivileged communities in #India and locally in #us . As successful immigrants it was important for us to serve both our home country (India) and adopted country (US). This came as a pleasant surprise from the #fairfaxcounty in recognition to the work #TeamAJ has done over the past few years in setting up innovation labs in the country through our #Educate Innovate initiative. “ – Sekhar and Malini.

This award is a representation of our collective efforts!! Congratulations to all of us !!

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