Let’s celebrate the incredible 15-year journey of Asha Jyothi, where your unwavering support has been the driving force behind all our meaningful social initiatives. This exquisite bag, lovingly crafted by Chakma Refugee women from the picturesque Arunachal Pradesh in India, is more than just an accessory. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and empowerment.

AJ as we fondly call it, shines as a beacon of hope, uplifting the spirits of these resilient women. By engaging them in the remarkable embroidery project initiated by the Refugee Aid Project, we are not
just stitching bags, but weaving stories of determination and strength. Today, every stitch in these handmade bags symbolizes the optimism that weaves through the lives of the 70,000 Chakma refugees who have lived in the shadows of isolation for half a century.
In our hands, these bags transform into more than just fashion statements; they become vehicles of change, catalysts for empowerment. With each bag, we not only empower families but also ignite a
global conversation about the Chakma refugee cause. So here’s to the future we’re building together, where these bags are not only beautiful pieces of art but also carriers of dreams, aspirations, and a
better world for all.