Great news! We are nearing the completion of the “Toilet4Gals” project in Halebandi Harlapur village, Karnataka. With many villages in the area lacking basic amenities, this project is set to address the needs of the local community, primarily focusing on providing sanitation facilities for females.

The construction is progressing well, and we anticipate that the toilets will be ready for use by mid-October. The estimated cost for this project is Rs.3.5 Lakhs (~$4300), ensuring that the necessary infrastructure is put in place to improve the quality of life for the villagers.

Furthermore, our efforts extend beyond this project. In the future, we plan to build more toilets in schools within the surrounding villages, aiming to create a healthy and safe environment for education. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of these communities by providing essential amenities and improving overall sanitation conditions.