We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Asha Jyothi project aimed at enhancing the classroom facilities at Mahima Ministries School located at Ameenpur Campus in Hyderabad. This initiative marks a significant step towards improving the educational environment for underprivileged children in the region.

Mahima Ministries, a non-governmental organization, is dedicated to supporting vulnerable groups such as orphans, abandoned children, individuals living below the poverty line, residents of local slum areas, mentally ill destitute elderly adults, and HIV/AIDS patients lacking adequate care. By focusing on these marginalized communities, Mahima Ministries strives to make a positive impact on their lives through various programs and projects.

The high school upgrading project undertaken by Asha Jyothi involved providing financial assistance for the construction of classroom walls, plastering a 500 square yards slab area, as well as installing flooring and wall covers. These improvements are essential for creating a conducive learning environment that can enhance the educational experience of the students.

Led by youth volunteer Aadhya Bogadi and supported by Shrihan Bogadi, Srikar Pasala, and Spandana Myneni, the project received overwhelming support from the community. Fundraising events held at Livermore Gurudwara, Amaravati Indian Cuisine, and contributions from friends and families of the volunteers played a crucial role in raising the necessary funds.

The total amount required and successfully raised for the project amounted to $5580, equivalent to approximately Indian Rupees 4,71,000. This financial support enabled the youth volunteers to collaborate closely with the Mahima Ministries team throughout the construction phase, which took place from July 2023 to February 2024. Their efforts included monitoring progress, facilitating fund transfers, tracking expenditures, and providing regular updates to Asha Jyothi.

The dedication and hard work of the youth volunteers, were instrumental in the successful execution of the project. Their commitment to improving educational facilities for the students at Mahima Ministries School exemplify the spirit of community service and empowerment.It is a commendable achievement that reflects the values of compassion, dedication, and empowerment in action.