Empower Rural Women: Sewing Machines for Underprivileged Women

The Mission to Empower Rural Women: Sewing Machines for Poor Women (SM4PW) campaign is part of making poor rural women financially independent. This was initiated by Dr. Sree Padma, Ph.D., affiliated with Asha-Jyothi to uplift women financially and provide an opportunity for a better quality of life. This was part of an extensive campaign involving an NGO (Mylavaram, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh), and the Mother Theresa Charitable Trust. The Trust under Mrs. Koya Sudha has been working since 2018 to promote poor women in various ways. There has been much interest among poor women in learning to tailor clothes. So far, the Trust trained 2,256 women in 28 villages free of cost.

Under the SM4PW campaign in coordination with Asha Jyoti, the Trust helped 40 trained women in the village Badava in Mylavaram Mandalam to buy sewing machines. Thanks for your contributions, the funds raised in this campaign, and the generous help received from Asha Jyoti helped 30 trained women in Kirtirayanagudem to buy sewing machines. Please see attached video clips. The trained women in Chandrala are still waiting to receive machines.

Every dollar you donate will go a long way and will be matched by the poor women themselves.

The breakdown for the fundraiser is as follows.

Cost of a sewing machine:$105.25; We meet 50% of the cost=$52.62

Fitting and transport: $5.14

Funds required for Chandrala: (62×52.62) + (62×5.14) = $3262.65 + $318.19 = $3580.84

Total Fundraising amount $3580.84