Fund My College

Northern Virginia: Asha-Jyothi team heard about Michael and his hard life from a family contractor Rembarto. They reached out and asked him to share a few details. Below is the email from Michael’s Mother and Michael seeking help to fund college education. Lets help Michael fulfill his dream to go to college.

Good evening,
I am writing you an email today with the hope that my son gets an opportunity to receive the scholarship. He’s a great student, and I fully support his intentions in his academic career. He has been striving all four years of high school to get where he’s at now, and I could not be any prouder. I’m a mother of three children and my husband is a carpenter and together we make 40 thousand a year. I work as a house cleaner a couple days a week. When I’m not working I’m fixing things up around the house or spending time with my family. This scholarship would definitely help my son with his future. It would mean a great deal to us if he could receive an opportunity to earn this scholarship

My name is Michael Angelo Coca-Vargas. I am 17 years old and a senior attending Forest Park High School, VA. I play for the school soccer team and I am interested in George Mason University, Virginia Tech, and Mary Washington. I am currently leaning towards George Mason because I am interested in their Computer Science program and they are in the Fairfax area where I can get internships. My grade point average is currently 3.5 and I am looking to study Computer Science in college.

  • – Sincerely, Michael Coca-Vargas and Lillian Vargas