Asha Jyothi with help of Kona Lakshmi Mohan Rao garu and many donors including significant contributions from Anil Kona, Venugopal Narayabhatla and friends is running a Medical campaign to serve ayurvedic medicine for 120-150 patients per week in Madhira. This campaign is being run for the past 6 months this year with cost of Rs.4Lakhs

Madhira is a medium-sized town in the state of Telangana in South India. The town of Madhira is surrounded by a large number of small villages and the main economy for the area is agriculture and small businesses that support the community. Healthcare for the underprivileged has been a challenge in this area for quite some time. Mr. Kona Lakshmi Mohan Rao has been serving the health care needs by offering free medical camp based on ancient Indian medicine called Ayurveda. Mohan Rao has been hosting a medical camp in front of his house with help from local retired Ayurveda specialists every Sunday for the past 21yrs

Like every year, Arthritis, Diabetics, respiratory disorders, skin diseases, pain, seasonal disorders like cold/cough are the most common ailments treated at the medical camp. This year, since 2021, there is a growing number of patients with gastro-intestinal related problems. The medical camp is planning on preparing medicines for this ailment as well. In addition, the medical camp is planning on working with a few diabetes patients (mostly on the severe end of the spectrum) and providing supplies that last for a longer duration.

Cost of raw materials to prepare a few medicines and procure the rest is about $1000-$1200 per month.

Every week about 120-150 people make a visit to the medical camp, some travel as far as 120kms. In the past 21yrs, about 300,000 people benefited from the medical camp.