Waxpool Elementary School (ES) aspires to be a school that focuses on the student as a whole, beyond instruction, grades, and scores. A school that supports all students, regardless of ability or disability, at a social and emotional level. A school that has the tools and resources to accomplish this vision and to promote understanding and relationships across students of various backgrounds, abilities, and ages. With that in mind they submitted a proposal to Asha-Jyothi.

Asha-Jyothi is proud to donate $45,000 to Waxpool Elementary School to build this Sensory room that will be a safe haven for both special children and hyperactive kids. This donation is made possible via Educate-Innovate Initiative

Waxpool ES staff went through thorough brainstorming session, jotted down important questions:

  • – Could administration, staff, and community commit to the on-going training and development to learn
    and best utilize new tools?
  • – Was there a realistic way to ensure basic upkeep and maintenance of new equipment was completed?
  • – How long we could devote a full-sized classroom with our growing community?
  • – Could we find technology that could stand the test of time and excite for many years to come?

These questions led to designing a multi-functional sensory room to easily transition from an active environment to a calming space, each featuring dedicated spaces for gross motor skills development, vestibular feedback (sensory feedback) and behavioral.

Principal Mike Pellegrino said “We are truly excited for this donation from Asha-Jyothi. This blessing will be a game changer for all the kids especially after the negative impact of COVID on our lives.”

Here are all the pictures from the check donation