Toilets for Students in Yeleswaram, India

The lack of toilets and sanitary stations for underprivileged schools in India is appalling and as this issue primarily affects girls. Girls are unable to or no longer want to attend school because of these dismal hygienic conditions. This puts a strain on their education and safety.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for school going female students by providing them with the first steps toward proper hygiene, and as a result, paving the way for their academics. We have chosen Government Degree College, Yeleswaram (has ~500 students) because the school has zero functioning bathrooms available for the girls who make up more than half the school’s population. Every day these girls are forced to suppress themselves through a seven hour school day or go to the Principal`s only one bathroom. With the money we raise through fundraising, we plan to supply the school with bathrooms, sanitary stations, and proper running water.

We request your support and donations for this critical cause.